Desire and Deceit: India in the Europeans’ Gaze”

Rupkatha Journal on Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities

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Call for Papers: Vol. 7, No. 2, 2015 on “Desire and Deceit: India in the Europeans’ Gaze”

The Theme The Rupkatha Journal ( is cordially inviting papers for its August issue on “Desire and Deceit: India in the Europeans’ Gaze”. As suggested by the allusion to René Girard’s psychoanalytic theory of the alienating gaze, authors are expected to focus on forms of alienation in the representation of India in the literature of the colonial and postcolonial period ranging from reading the body of India for signs of primitivism to its mythification as site of the most spiritualized creeds. Theosophist societies worshipping Vedic thought coexisted with MPs inventing the family narrative (peoples in the colonies being raised to civilization and eventually left to their devices) and discourse makers contributing to the library of Orientalism. Seen through magnifying or scaling down glasses, the India of Daniel Defoe, Robert Southey, Charlotte Bronte, Rudyard Kipling, W.B. Yeats, E.M. Forster, Louis Bloomfield … is a shape-shifter modified by the gaze of envy and desire.

Editors: The issue will be guest-edited by Diana Campan, Gabriela Chiciudean, Rodica Chira, Sonia Elvireanu, Maria-Ana Tupan from Imagology Centre, University of Alba-Iulia, Romania.

Word Limit: Papers should be between 3000-5000 words

Style Sheet: APA

Submission Deadline: May 1, 2015. Tentative Publication: August, 2015.

Contact: Please send your submission to Maria-Ana Tupan at and add a CC to T.T. Mukherjee

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