Poetry into Drama: United States of Banana


Columbia Stages proudly presents “United States of Banana,” a new play directed by Juan Pablo Felix, based upon the mixed genre book of poetry book by the celebrated Hispanic American author Giannina Braschi.

Columbia film and theater director Juan Pablo Felix brings to the stage for the first time “United States of Banana,” by the celebrated Puerto Rican author Giannina Braschi. The work tackles the post-911 American psyche around the politics of empire and independence. The vanguard play depicts New York City as “the Darwinist capital of the Capitalist word” and U.S. imperialism as doomed as “a chicken with its head cut off”. All Latin Americans are granted American passports, Puerto Rico is declared the 51st state, and then comes a revolution…

This vanguard production will run for a limited engagement:  from Wednesday, June 17th through Saturday, June 20th, 2015 at the Schapiro Theater at Columbia University (605 West 115th Street, NY, NY 10027).

JUAN PABLO FÉLIX is a theater director, filmmaker, and acting coach from Bogotá, Colombia. He was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship and enrolled in the MFA Theater Directing Program at Columbia University School of the Arts. He has staged “Uncle Vanya”, “Two Sisters” and his own musical fairy tale “The Amazing Story of El Hombre Caimán!” He served as casting director for the Oscar-nominated film “Maria Full of Grace” and directs theater workshops at Estudio Babel in Colombia and EICTV in Cuba.


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