Call for Papers: International Conference on Languages, Literatures and Culture Studies

ICLLCS 2016 : International Conference on Language Literature and Cultural Studies, San Francisco, USA

Selected Conference Papers Include:

1) Web-Based Cognitive Writing Instruction (WeCWI): A Theoretical-and-Pedagogical e-Framework for Language Development Boon Yih Mah

2) Self-Reliant and Auto-Directed Learning: Modes, Elements, Fields and Scopes H. Mashhady, B. Lotfi, M. Doosti, M. Fatollahi

3) Speech Acts and Politeness Strategies in an EFL Classroom in Georgia Tinatin Kurdghelashvili

4) Crossing Borders: In Research and Business Communication E. Podhovnik

5) Pilot Scale Production and Compatibility Criteria of New Self-Cleaning Materials J. Ranogajec, O. Rudic, S. Pasalic, S. Vucetic, D. Cjepa

6) IT/IS Organisation Design in the Digital Age – A Literature Review Dominik Krimpmann 7) Models and Metamodels for Computer-Assisted Natural Language Grammar Learning Evgeny Pyshkin, Maxim Mozgovoy, Vladislav Volkov

8) In silico Studies on Selected Drug Targets for Combating Drug Resistance in Plasmodium falcifarum D. Bhaskar, N. R. Wadehra, M. Gulati, A. Narula, R. Vishnu, G. Katyal

9) There is Nothing “BASIC” about Numeracy in Higher Education – A Case Study from an Accounting Programme S. Rathilal

10) Implementing a Database from a Requirement Specification M. Omer, D. Wilson

11) A Novel NIRS Index to Evaluate Brain Activity in Prefrontal Regions While Listening to First and Second Languages for Long Time Periods Kensho Takahashi, Ko Watanabe, Takashi Kaburagi, Hiroshi Tanaka, Kajiro Watanabe, Yosuke Kurihara

12) English Classroom for SLA of Students and Small and Medium Entrepreneurs in Thailand S. Yordchim, G. Anugkakul, T. Gibbs

13) More than Two Decades of Research on Groupware: A Systematic Lexical Analysis Loay A. Altamimi

14) Object-Oriented Programming for Modeling and Simulation of Systems in Physiology J. Fernandez de Canete

15) Value from Environmental and Cultural Perspectives or Two Sides of the Same Coin Vilém Pařil, Dominika Tóthová


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