CFP: The Legacies of Syd Harrex

Special Feature: Only Connect: The Legacies of Syd Harrex – Volume 8, no. 2, May 2016.

Transnational Literature  is a freely accessible, refereed e-journal published twice a year by the Flinders Institute for Research in the Humanities, Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia.

The journal aims to publish high-quality academic work in English produced by scholars who are conducting research in the areas of
• Postcolonial literatures
• New Literatures
• International Writing
• Literature crossing cultural or national boundaries
• New readings of canonical and historical literature

Previously unpublished creative work including poetry, stories and life writing, and translations into English, will also be considered for publication.
Book reviews are an important part of the journal’s mission. Suggestions for books to be reviewed are welcome, and scholars interested in reviewing regularly for the journal are invited to join the CRNLE mailing list to receive notification of books available for review from time to time.
Authors please note: We will usually be happy to include reviews of your publications if they fall within the journal’s areas of interest. Please contact the editor in the first instance. The independence of the review process is important, and we cannot accept unsolicited reviews written by associates of the author.

tel: 08 8201 5238
fax: 08 8201 2508

Submissions should be sent by email to
General Editor:Gillian Dooley


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