Transnational Narratives of Exile in Literature and Cinema 2017


This seminar analyzes diaspora literature and cinema across cultures and countries, hence its transnational quality. One of the main issues that panelists are invited to brainstorm is if literature and cinema could commence a genuine dialogue of tolerance given their universal themes and motifs. We would try together to determine how literature and cinema could provide a reassuring, yet effective platform that would let people discuss ardent issues such as natiolality, home, naturalization/alienation, and belonging.

In today’s world, still marred by war and violence, literature and cinema are border-less and offer a humanistic model that could be replicated and/or at least adapted at a higher level.

Suggested primary works may include, but are not limited to Letters of Transit: Reflections on Exile, Identity, Language, and Loss; Persepolis; The Passport; The Ghosts of Ellis Island; Brooklyn; Home, An Imagined Landscape;The Sympathzer; The Buddha of Suburbia; Good Morning, Midnight!, etc.

To submit, please follow this link:

Thank you for your scholarly interest. Dr. Florescu


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